KX Recruit Blog - March 2020

How To Boost Your Transferable Skills

What does Beyonce, Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Anniston all have in common? They all started doing jobs that weren’t their chosen career choice. Beyonce swept hair at a salon, Jakcman was a clown and Anniston was a waitress before finding fame. Although we can’t help you find fame and fortune, we wanted to share our... read more

Better Gym Camden: Where Fitness Meets Community

GLL best–known as Better Gyms or simply “Better” is the largest UK based charitable social enterprise. They operate 258 public Sports and Leisure facilities, 88 libraries, 10 children’s centres and 5 adventure playgrounds. They are partnered with 50 local councils, public agencies and sporting organisations. We sat down with Andy Gilbert, Community Sport Manager at Better Gyms Camden to talk about the enterprise, fitness and community.   What does your organisation do?   As a proud representative... read more

The 411 on #WFH: a guide to working from home

We’re currently living in very confusing times; the streets are vacant and beloved stores are closed. We may all be in quarantine but at least we’re in it together. However, there is one thing that we can all agree comes with quarantine and that is change in our daily lives such as working from home... read more