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Cockpit Arts - Chair of the Board of Trustees - Cockpit Arts (Unpaid)

Job ref.: 0625
Job title: Chair of the Board of Trustees - Cockpit Arts (Unpaid)
Employer: Cockpit Arts
Job type: Opportunity
Pay: 0.00 per hour
Date posted: 27/07/2020


The Chair leads the Board of Trustees and sets its agenda. Their role is to enable Trustees to fulfil their responsibilities for overall governance and strategic direction. The Chair is responsible for ensuring that Cockpit Arts complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and other relevant regulations. The Board supports and empowers the CEO to lead the staff to achieve the organisation’s vision and aims.



Board and Governance

  • Set strategic objectives with the CEO and lead the Board in meeting the organisation's aims, vision and goals, ensuring that appropriate strategies, plans, funding and governance arrangements are in place.
  • Ensure the provision of accurate, timely and clear information to trustees, and ensure the effectiveness of individual trustees and the board as a whole in supporting Cockpit Arts to deliver its mission.
  • Ensure that the Board has the appropriate mix of experience and expertise to discharge its legal and governance responsibilities, and that Trustees are fully aware of those responsibilities.
  • Sustain a culture that enables Cockpit Arts to focus on its core artistic, cultural and social objectives whilst maintaining its studios, property and commercial interests.
  • Champion and challenge Cockpit Arts to be a leader in diversity and inclusion.



  • Together with the Board, guide, monitor and support the Executive Team in delivery of objectives, including managing financial performance within any relevant financial constraints.
  • Create a meaningful and productive working relationship with the Chief Executive in order to ensure harmonious working and the achievement of overall objectives.
  • Ensure that the Chief Executive is fully supported to undertake their role, including agreeing annual objectives, as well as managing the CEO’s annual performance review.
  • Ensure that the management of the organisation and its procedures (including audit procedures) are effective and appropriate; oversee the Executive’s management of risk and arrangements to comply with all relevant legal and other stakeholder requirements.



  • Help retain and cultivate key constructive relationships with funders (including Livery Companies, trusts and foundations), Local Authorities, the Mayor of London, and other relevant bodies.
  • Play a leadership role in attracting funding and sponsorship.
  • Uphold the highest standards of integrity and probity, both personally and in relation to Cockpit Arts, ensuring the organisation aspires to the highest standards in all its dealings, internally and externally.



Experience and Skills

  • Experience of chairing an organisation or as a senior non-Executive member of a company or Board.
  • Experience in successfully running a complex organisation.
  • Demonstrable financial acumen.
  • Commercially astute and strategically adept with a balanced and sound attitude to risk.
  • Ability to bring together Trustees’ different perspectives and skills to achieve consensus through balanced discussion at Board level.
  • Proven ability and willingness to lead on fundraising activities in relation to specific campaigns.
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills to deal effectively with internal and external relationships.
  • A fluent and persuasive communicator, who can represent the organisation publicly as well as internally and build relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders.
  • Strong networks and connections and a willingness to draw upon contacts, where appropriate, for the benefit of Cockpit Arts.
  • An understanding of the civic context of the creative industries in London and the importance of the creative industries to the UK.


Approach and Outlook

  • Empathy with Cockpit Arts and its objectives, and an interest in craft, making, and widening access to careers and business support in the creative industries.
  • A proven commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and society.
  • An appreciation of the non-executive nature of the role, and a readiness to support and mentor the executive team when required.
  • Sound judgement, with a proven record of handling, and successfully resolving, difficult issues.
  • Ability to collaborate and get the best out of people.
  • Compatible with the Executive. They should, therefore, be lively, quick-thinking, of a high intellect and independent spirit, who can act as a useful sounding board to the Chief Executive.
  • Approachable and outgoing whilst having the strength and resilience to chair an organisation with challenging commercial objectives.


Time Commitment

  • The role of Chair is a voluntary, unpaid, non-executive appointment.
  • In addition to up to five Board Meetings and at least one Away Day per year, the Chair is expected to attend Cockpit Arts events, including Open Studios and fundraising events.
  • The Chair also serves on key Committees.
  • In total, the commitment required equates to two full days per month with the capacity to flex upwards should the need arise.
To Apply:
Please send your CV and a covering letter of up to two pages outlining your relevant experience and your interest in becoming Chair of the Board of Trustees of Cockpit Arts to [email protected] by the application deadline, Monday 7th September at 12 noon.