Dress to Impress

12th November 2018

It takes 15 seconds to make an impression on someone.

Therefore, it is vital to make the right first impression when going to a job interview or at a jobs fair. 

When meeting someone for the first time, they are forming their opinion on you based on 3 main criteria:

  • 55% is based on the way we present ourselves (body language included)
  • 38% is based on our tone of voice
  • 7% is based on what we are actually saying

To improve your chancing of making a good impression, we have 5 things for you to remember:

1. Dress for the job you want!

It is better to be over dressed for an interview – be smart! You want to look professional and clean, giving the employer the chance to see you are your best!

(We work with the organisations SMART WORKS and SUITED & BOOTED who can provide outfits for interviews for free!)

 2. Be polite!

Not only to the person you are having the meeting with, but all the staff you encounter, especially reception! Interviews will ask the opinions of all those in the company that met you.

 3. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Make sure you do practice interviews before – it gives you the opportunity to ask what people think of your interview style and your presentation.

 4. SMILE!

It is scientfically proven that if you smile, even when you are feeling nervous and anxious, it will make yourself feel better, calm you down and make the interviewer feel at ease!

 5. Try & enjoy yourself!

The interview will want you to do well! Take a breath, smile, relax and good luck!