5 Top Tips for Writing a Stand-Out CV

26th November 2018
5 Top Tips for Writing a Stand-Out CV

Your CV is your gateway to getting a job. So how do you know if it is doing the job?

Below we have our five top tips to ensure that your CV stands out from the crowd:


  1. No employment gaps!

An unexplained gap of more than 3 months between jobs will ring alarm bells in any employer’s mind! You can always use the phrase “Career break” if there is no other explaination.


  1. Correct formatting is vital!

Bad/interesting formatting is a massive turn off for employers. Simple formatting rules to follow are:

  • 2 sides of A4 max.
  • Text size 10 – 14
  • One font used throughout
  • No pictures
  • No date-of-birth, gender or full address (just in case it falls into the wrong hands…!)


  1. Make sure your CV flows!

The order of your CV is very important to make employers want to read it. If it is a bit of a jumble, most people won’t want to look at it! From top to bottom, the running order should read:

  • Name, email, phone number and location
  • Personal profile
  • Key skills (6 skills max.)
  • Work history – most recent first!
  • Education
  • Other relevant interests/volunteering work


  1. Your personal profile should be original!

Even though words like ‘hardworking’, ‘positive’ and ‘team player’ might be very true, they are words that are on every CV. Make your CV stand out from the rest by using words that are unique to you.


And finally…


  1. Don’t forget about the 6 second rule.

It takes 6 seconds for the reader of your CV to decide if you match what they are looking for or not. 6 SECONDS. By following the above rules, we hope that your CV will stand out to any employer to want to spend more than 6 seconds reading it!