Parenting Skills you should be highlighting on your CV!

26th June 2019
Parenting Skills you should be highlighting on your CV!

As a parent you, by necessity, acquire and perfect a whole host of highly employable skills and qualities which need to be shouted about on your CV.

Here is a list of our favourites:

  1. You are a leader and mentor.

Just think of your role as a parent – you nurture your child, advise them and point them in the right direction. This requires patience, determination and strategic thinking, all of which can be applied in a workplace environment!


  1. You are an expert negotiator.

How often have you had to convince a stubborn toddler to find the best ‘compromise’ on bedtime? Countless. You have the skills to stand firm when needed and the ability to assess the situation, listening to all viewpoints, and determine the most ideal outcome for all parties.


  1. You are a project & event manager in disguise!

Family days out, birthday parties, or even just getting everyone out the house involves a considerable amount of planning! You see these ‘projects’ from start to finish, booking venues, managing guestlists, preparing equipment/food etc. You will also be practiced at making contingency plans (just in case) and managing the event itself!


  1. You are creative.

As a parent you are continuously having to be creative and adapt to any situation (unexpected rainy days). This thinking outside the box is something that is sought after by employers as it is a key element in engaging with clients/customers and giving the company the edge.


  1. You are a learning sponge.

There is no instruction manual when it comes to having a child how to bring them up and teach them key skills in life. Everything you have learnt has been from experiencing it first-hand, advice from others and a lot of trial and error! You are a profession learner of new skills on the job and finding a way to make it work.


There are many more skills that you have learnt from having a child (you learn as much from them as they do from you) just remember to shout about them!