KCES Property Management: A mature apprentice’s case study

2nd December 2019
KCES Property Management: A mature apprentice’s case study

KX Recruit coordinated the apprenticeship recruitment drive for KCES property team who committed to employing two apprentice property managers from the local community. KX Recruit worked alongside Camden and Islington Apprenticeships team who helped to promote, screen and prepare a short list of candidates for the KCES team to interview.  

Os was one of the two successful candidates who joined the King’s Cross Estate Team here in October 2019 Following working in a variety of jobs since leaving school across a variety of sectors including warehouse management and running his own driving instructor business, Os was keen to re-skill and find a more permanent role that offered career progression and security for him and his family moving forward. 

Os decided to consider the apprenticeship route as he knew that the remit had changed, and they were now accessible for all ages over 16 years, with the benefit of learning on the job and gaining a professional qualification. 

“I decided to take the plunge, as a mature apprentice with a young family I had to weigh up the options and knowing I still had another 30-40 years of work ahead of me, I felt that the benefits this opportunity could bring in the future outweighed the impact of reducing my income for a couple of years”. 

Os applied for the apprenticeship via Camden Apprenticeships and gained support with the application process and a mock interview which is found very helpful 

“As a more mature apprentice I was nervous about applying and thought I would be in a room with lots of young people, but I was pleased to see quite a mixed group”.   

Property Management was a new career to Os, who was originally considering construction as an option. I was always good at DIY so originally; I was looking for a practical role. However, there is a cross over between Property Management and Construction – there’s always contractors and engineers on site. The big difference is with Property Management you’re more like the jack of all trades you’re heavily involved with everything behind the scenes” 

Since starting the apprenticeship in October, he has met with the training provider Catch 22 who deliver the qualification aspect and has his first assignment to work on. “The company and my manager are being very supportive in allowing me time to complete studies whilst at work, however I am committed to doing extra bits in my own time if needed. 

Os adds “If I was to give advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship, I would say just take the plunge and take control of your options. Don’t hesitate because of your age, or any other things you may consider a barrier”