Overcoming barriers in Hospitality: João’s case study

16th January 2020
Overcoming barriers in Hospitality: João’s case study

Islington candidate João went from being unemployed to climbing the promotional ladder at his current workplace at Hub by Premier Inn in King’s Cross. Despite his dyslexia and unemployment history, João was determined to find a new career he was passionate about. João’s journey started when he was advised by a referral partner to apply for roles with KX Recruit. João recalls his eagerness to get back into hospitality having “enjoyed it and had experience” in the field; he adds “that day I applied for two of the Hub by Premier Inn vacancies that were advertised on the KX website”.    

Finding the right job 

However, prior to enlisting the help of KX Recruit returning to work after unemployment proved to be challenging for Joao as he remembers “unemployment made it harder to open new doors within hospitality”. 

Luckily, João found support with KX Recruit stating ‘I was unemployed for 6-8 weeks. I was on a 0-hour contract working as security at events – I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. I was desperate to find something I enjoyed. Luckily, KX Recruit offered me more variety in what job sectors I could apply for and were very persistent in trying to find the right job for me.” 

João goes on to describe his experience with KX Recruit “Chloe (Recruitment Account Manager) got in touch with me after I applied and guided me through the process. She advised me that because I had previous experience in hospitality at Premier Inn my skills would be a good, and it would be easier for me to navigate the Hub as it’s a smaller hotel compared to my previous workplace.”  

He adds “Chloe would constantly communicate with me and send me emails. I think the connection between KX Recruit and the other businesses on the King’s Cross development such as The Hub helped a lot too.”    

Learning the ropes  

The next stage of the recruitment process was straight forward and João was invited to attend trial days. After his first trial day he was in regular contact with Hub by Premier Inn’s management staff – a month later he was officially employed. 

João credits his friendliness, experience and interpersonal skills for securing the role stating, “I’ve always been a people person – in the 7 months I’ve worked here I’ve gotten more name mentions for my hard work than anyone else.”  

João continues to talk about his progress in his role over the past few months “I know more of what’s expecting of me and my role than when I first started. I now love what I do and where I work, being in a supportive multicultural team has helped me to gain confidence and grow in my role. As a team we can work out how we can help each other and play on each other’s strengths and improve each other’s weaknesses.” 

Dyslexia and hospitality  

When it comes to learning João admits “I have dyslexia, so I struggle with reading and writing.” thinking back to his GCSE he mentions having extra support with exams needing “more time and a scribe”. This affected him in previous roles “When I worked at Premier Inn, I got promoted to team leader within the first 6 months. I was very pleased about this but unfortunately my new role involved a lot of paperwork which I struggled with. I was panicking and didn’t know who to ask for help as a result I lost my bearings because of all the stress.” 

Touching on how he’s found support and new ways of managing his disability in his new role João says “I’ve learnt new techniques of how to cope and handle my workload. I have a good support system at Hub, some of whom have helped me to understand maths, reading and writing more easily.”  


Dyslexia and job hunting 

Dyslexia affects more than 10% of people in the UK – yet the application process for many companies isn’t always considerate of this fact. João reflects on his own experience “Yes, definitely it’s affected me – even when signed up for other recruitment services online, they’d ask me to write a reference or a summaryI never did because I couldn’t word things correctly Even when it comes to writing emails I just have to try to word things how I think things are spelt or how they sound.”

João continues “therefore I was so happy that KX Recruit offered multiple communication channels and were so attentive”. However, João believes that breaking barriers is always possible advising others with dyslexia to “not let it stop you from applying for your dream jo – just go for it!”  

Would you use KX Recruit again?  

João jokes “I hope I never have to use it again as I don’t want to be unemployed againHowever, I would use KX Recruit again. The process was so fast, Chloe and the KX Recruit team were so persistent in finding me job offers and giving me advice. There was always an element of care there which I haven’t received elsewhere.”