Learning on Lockdown

7th April 2020
Learning on Lockdown

Someone perfectly described social distancing during lockdown feeling like those odd days between Christmas and New Year’s, where you’re unsure what day it is, haven’t worn shoes for quite some time and PJs have become your 24/7 clothing of choice.

We’ve all suddenly been given the double-edged sword of extra time and it’s surprisingly difficult to know what to do with it. I’m sure by now you’ve got bored of Netflix, read enough news articles and eaten all the good snacks out of the cupboards.

So, what now?

How You Can Learn During Lockdown

Being on lockdown is the perfect time to look at studying a course and learning a new skill. If you haven’t looked into online learning before, there are hundreds of options available for free and we’ve put together a list of our favourite resources!


Konnichiwa, Hola, Salut!

Learning a new language can open up incredible employment opportunities and there are so many ways to start!

Open University

Open University have courses ranging from Beginner to Advanced, so it’s a perfect place to begin your worldwide tour from your bedroom.


It’s an app that makes learning a language into a game. It is free but you can upgrade to a premium version, should you feel the free one is missing a little je ne sais quoi.

Professional Courses

You may be dabbling with the idea of a promotion, a career change or exploring a hobby on a more professional level. If this is the case, an online course is the perfect way to do this. Open University has a wide catalogue of courses to choose from!

There is the sweet shop of free courses with enough options to fill your heart’s desires. From understanding art to Earthquakes, there are plenty of courses to up-skill yourself professionally or show off at your next dinner party (Virtual or otherwise). Future Learn is another useful platform that provides access to free online courses. 

Future Learn is another great resource for top-quality free courses. They have clubbed together a great selection from top Universities across the world and specialist organisations.

Softer skills

Personal development should not just mean professionally. Take a moment and ask yourself, ‘What have I always wanted to try but never found the time to do it?’ You’re definitely not alone on this one but this is the perfect time to give it a try!

Here’s our list of personal development options that might be right for you:


This is an odd time to be living in and if you’ve been feeling anxious or frustrated, then meditation might be just what the doctor ordered. Meditation has a bad rep for being for hippies or boring but it’s rising in popularity because there are so many benefits to sitting down and switching off for 10 minutes. There are many apps and videos available but here’s one to get you started. Go in with an open mind and try meditating for 7 days and see how zen you feel.

Calm is an app centred around meditation and relaxation. It’s a great place to start and can be signed up to via the website or the app. There are free tracks to get you going and a premium option if you feel it’s for you.


This is the perfect time to take up running, it gets you out the house and we’re heading into the summer so it’s a great way to get a Vitamin D.

Boost Couch to 5K is a free NHS backed programme that won’t turn you into Mo Farrah but will help you build up stamina and improve your running. It sets out a routine for you to follow and is very good for beginners.


Has it been your dream to open up your chakras? Yoga has boomed in popularity and is the perfect exercise to do at home.

Yoga with Adrienne is a popular Yogi-Youtuber who’s created a 30-day challenge and it’s free to follow on youtube.


This extra time could be the chance to flex your culinary skills in the kitchen.

The BBC has put together a list of videos that teaches cooking techniques to wow and impress.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to share your success with us via our social media as we’d love to know what you learnt whilst on lockdown.