10 Reasons Why Care Workers are Important

11th June 2020
10 Reasons Why Care Workers are Important

Carers are one of the heroes holding down the fort in the global fight against Covid-19. Their resilience and bravery have been praised by the nation and that is why this Carers Week’s we continue to celebrate them.  

What is Carers Week? 

Carers Week is an annual campaign that aims to increase awareness of carers in the UK. The campaign focuses on highlighting the many challenges that carers face and the support they provide.  

Why should we celebrate carers? 

Carers contribute so much to our society. They are responsible for helping those who can’t help themselves and without them many of their clients would have no one to look after them. As of 2019 there are an estimated 8.8 million carers (around 13%) in the UK. Out of those 8.8 million carers, over 1 million people care for more than 1 person according to Carers UK. 

10 reasons why Care workers are important  

  1. There is a demand for Carers. Growing old is a part of life resulting in an increasing number of elderly people who need care.  
  1. Carers spend a lot of time doing their job, with over 1.3 million Carers providing over 50 hours of care per week according to Carers UK 
  1. Carers do their best to handle challenging circumstances 
  1. Carers are empathetic and try their to make a difference in their clients’ lives 
  1. Care is a professionalism that takes a lot of strength and commitment 
  1. They adapt to every environment they work in 
  1. They focus on the bigger picture and the wellbeing of others 
  1. They provide companionship just by being there 
  1. They provide personal care from personal physical care to creating activities for clients 
  1. They do their utmost to make sure clients are safe, happy and comfortable 

Is care right for you? 

If a career in care sounds like the right fit for you why not get your foot through the door today.  

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