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KX Recruit - KXR - CV Surgery

Job ref.: 0598
Job title: KXR - CV Surgery
Employer: KX Recruit
Job type: Opportunity
Pay: 0.00 per hour
Date posted: 01/04/2020

Please Note - This Opportunity is for CAMDEN and ISLINGTON candidates only. 

Here at KXR, we understand that this is a difficult time for everyone and applying for a job has become very challenging. Although we don’t know when recruitment will be back to normal, we would love to offer you some advice and support so that you’re raring to go when the vacancies come in.

The KXR CV Surgery

This lockdown is the perfect time to review your CV to make sure it’s really selling you and your unique skillset. Here at KXR we’re offering you the chance to send your CV in for an informal review from one our experienced Recruitment Account Managers, who will give you some pointers on how you can improve your chances of standing out from the crowd (for all the right reasons!).

What we want from you:

  • A copy of your current CV
  • A document uploaded (instead of covering letter) to explain what roles you would like to apply for how successful you’ve been so far

What we will give you:

  • We will review your CV
  • We will send you bullet pointed pointers to improve your CV
  • If you’re unable to complete changes by yourself, we can refer you to a suitable referral partner who are offering FREE, online support or virtual support.

Although we may be on lockdown, we are always here to help so please get in touch should you have any questions.